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Premium Scenting by Calmic

Calmic Premium Scenting is a new innovation involving the use of cutting-edge technology and pleasant fragrances to improve indoor air quality at your business.

The benefits of Premium Scenting

  • Improve the perceived level of customer service quality.
  • Creates a positive first and last impression with a welcoming environment.
  • Helps in removing malodour.
  • Complement your brand image.

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PS 1290

Scenting through air-con ducting

Utilising a scenting system through centralised air condition supply duct that caters coverage of up to 150,000 cuft or 4,250m3. The technology is programmable and adjustable to suit different preferences and needs.


Dimensions: H 394mm x W 340mm x D 172mm 
Weight: 5.8kg 
Capacity: 1250ml cartridge 
Power: 18 watt


  • Coverage up to 150,000 cuft or 4,250 m3 
  • Programmable start and stop times 
  • 50 adjustable output settings

PS 150

Scenting through free standing installation unit

Premium scenting solutions for small areas, suitable to be placed on shelf or table top with a coverage area of 283m3.


Dimensions: H 135mm x W 135mm x D 142mm 
Weight: 2.2kg 
Capacity: 90ml, 105 ml catridge 
Power: 15 watt


  • Coverage up to 10,000 cuft or 283 m3 
  • 3 programmable functions 
  • Hidden controls for more tamper resistance

PS 270

Scenting through portable installation unit

PS 270 scenting unit is an effective scent solution to combat strong odors specialized for use in the washroom and upgrades washroom hygiene. Sleek and slim, the PS 270 scenting unit at the same time aligns and optimises your business aesthetics goals. In fact, for some spaces, PS 270 scenting unit is recommended to uplift experience or address out-of-washroom odour challenge.

  • Coverage up to 20,000 cuft or 566m3 
  • Suitable to be installed on wall mounted, FCU supply duct, ceiling drive and free standing


Dimensions: H 253.7mm x W 191.27mm x D 76mm 
Weight: 2.4kg Capacity: 500ml cartridge 
Power: 15 watt


  • A range of odour neutralising fragrances allow you to tailor your space to complement the décor, while ensuring a fresh, clean, hygienic environment. 
  • Each fragrance has proven odour neutralisation performance. 
  • Available fragrances for washroom specific applications include: Lemongrass ginger, citrus splash, green tea and more. 
  • 500ml sealed scent recyclable cartridge with single use nebulisation head. 
  • Fragrances have passed all international regulatory requirements.

PS 590

Scenting through wall mount installation units

This system is designed to fit into cassette or air-conditioning units conveniently. With a coverage area of 850m3, the scent cartridge could last up to 8 weeks depending on usage level.


Dimensions: H 219mm x W 222mm x D 98mm 
Weight: 2.2kg 
Capacity: 265ml, 500ml cartridge 
Power: 18 watt


  • Coverage up to 30,000 cuft or 850 m3 
  • Programmable start and stop times 
  • 50 adjustable output settings

PS 890

Scenting through free standing installation unit

PS 890 is a freestanding Premium Scenting unit with easy installation and flexible placement with no wall mounting needed.

PS 890 unit can be easily moved to different spots in the location as needed. PS 880 has a simple and sleek design, suitable to be placed in the most strategic positions without compromising the interior aesthetics.

PS 890 is the ideal solution for placement away from the wall or in the centre of the room for more effective spread of aroma.


Dimensions: W 17.4 cm x D 17.1 x H 64.1 cm
Weight: 5.9kg 
Capacity: 2,500ml
Power: 18 watt


  • Coverage up to 30,000 cuft or 850 m3 
  • Up to 21 start/stop times per day and 24/7
  • 50 intensity levels

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Q: How does Premium Scenting work?

A: A typical scenting system uses a wet aerosol of perfume, sprayed into the air. Our cutting-edge, patented technology diffuses scent particles so fine they remain in the air for up to 16 hours, ensuring scenting consistency.

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