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We understand that good hygiene is vital to the success of your business

The priority in the manufacturing sector is to maintain productivity levels as well as the quality of the production output, protect employee's health and safety and comply with regulations. Keeping healthy and avoiding illnesses is essential for workers. Employers need to ensure that they provide the right facilities and appropriate, well-maintained, personal protective equipment, ensuring they treat their workers with dignity and respect.

The manufacturing workforce is often transient, usually made up from temporary, migrant, student, contract, direct employees and any other type of worker and is influenced by work load and seasonal aspects. The common practice of shift work means working, in close proximity with each other, which increases the risks of germs spreading. Although 71% of all absences in the manufacturing sector are minor absences (under 7 days) caused by illnesses such as the common cold, occupational skin disorders are also prevalent within manufacturing sites and account for 11.2% of all occupational diseases.

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"Good hygiene shows our employer respects us and that they want us to work in a safe environment."

Our service promise to customers

Our local teams and specialists are dedicated to deliver efficient, quality and discreet hygiene services islandwide. Tailoring recommendations to your needs, Calmic takes pride in raising high hygiene standards through quality service, innovation solutiions and professional customer care. We take care of your service needs in ensuring timely installation and consumables availability, while ensuring compliance and hygiene regulations are met.

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