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Calmic Jakarta

We aim to always deliver the highest service quality with global support and local expertise in hygiene. As the expert in hygiene, we have grown to be a strong, established and trusted service provider offering effective solutions for 50 years. 

Calmic Jakarta has helped to enhance and protect customers' brand reputation ranging from officesretails and shopping malls to hotel industry with integrated hygiene services covering hand care, cubicle hygiene, feminine and air hygiene. 

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About Jakarta

Along with global and domestic economic growth, business activity in Jakarta is increasing. Supported by improving economic indicators and political stability, companies in banking, financial services, automotive, consumer goods and the insurance sector are already in the planning to start expansion. 

With the rising entry and development among foreign businesses, sectors such as commercial offices, hospitality, financial institution and hospitality is advancing steadily in Jakarta. 

With the surge of these businesses, the competition among these companies are growing as well. Expectations and demands of owners and end users are also rising, hence ensuring excellent service quality, optimal hygiene standards and competitive differentiation would help businesses face intense competition pressure in Jakarta.

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Hygiene service for your business

Discover why good hygiene in hotels is important for your guests and business.

Discover why good hygiene in offices is important for your employee and business.

Discover how good hygiene in retail stores improves customer experiences upon entry.

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