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Awards and accolades

The Calmic Signature range has collected prestigious, international accolades as it sets a new benchmark for hygiene product excellence through design innovation. 

The Red Dot Design Awards are an internationally-recognised product accolade. Previous winners include high profile brands such as Mercedes, Apple, Bosch and Issey Miyake. 

“A minimalist use of form and the highest degree of functionality with regard to user-friendliness and ease of use characterise the Signature range of hygiene products.” 

- Statement by the jury, Red Dot Design Awards 2014

President*s Design Award

Singapore's most prestigious accolade recognised excellence in design discipline as a testament to product innovation and design.

Red Dot Design Award

The Signature Range has won the Red Dot Design Award, an internationally-recognised product quality seal for achieving product design excellence.

Green Listing Indonesia

Our efforts to cultivate environmentally-friendly habits have led Rentokil Initial awarded from Green Listing Indonesia.

Britain's Most Admired Company (BMAC)

Rentokil Initial ranked 25th in Britain’s Most Admired Companies 2016/2017.

Fortune Top 100 (FTSE)

Rentokil Initial is ranked 96th in Fortune Top 100 Listed Companies (FTSE100 Index) in Year 2017.

Highest accolade for business success in UK, we are humbled to be recognised as award winners.

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