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The sense of smell is amongst the 5 senses that is highly dependent and influenced by experience. For some service and products, look and feel could help influence judgement and decision. We design sampling trial and site assessment to help facilitate your options.

"Smell is the most powerful sense among our five senses and 75% of the emotions we generate on a daily basis are affected by smell."

Premium scenting is often applied in environments to create a pleasant and memorable experience, to uplift your customers' mood and enhance your brand and service quality. Besides common scenting area such as lobby and reception, units can be installed in and out of washroom, depending on your space design, infrastructure and needs.

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Structured Hygiene Survey

Ever wondered what do bacteria and germs look like? You can now identify bacteria hotspots in your washroom today with Calmic Indonesia Consultants.

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Reduce the spread of bacteria during flushing – a highly effective way to create a fresh and more hygienic washroom.

Select from a range of fragrances from our scent boutique such as citrus, warm or soothing notes.

Our non-touch feminine hygiene units are built with antibacterial attributes and ensure any unnecessary physical contact with infra-red sensor technology.

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