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Structured Hygiene Survey

As part of Calmic Indonesia service, our hygiene experts offer a comprehensive structured survey evaluation for your premises, particularly for high traffic areas like office spaces, retail stores, hospitality establishments, and food processing and manufacturing facilities. 

Through Structured Hygiene Survey (SHS) our qualified hygiene experts will carry out a number of tests using diagnostic technology and approach such as Lumitester and Swabbing activities, which allow us to identify: 

  • Risk areas within your premises 
  • Which hygiene measures are required 
  • The correct service packages for your needs

Site inspection

  • Tools to properly check encrustations in urinal bowl, water closet, etc. 
  • Visual and senses inspection

Provision assessment

  • Does everything function correctly? 
  • Are the current solutions sufficient to provide maximum hygiene support?

Tailored solution

The number and nature of hygiene units required and where they should be sited for optimal performance

Service promise

Calmic provides a range of hygiene solutions to help ensure the well-being of customers and end-users. By offering worry-free services tailored specifically to your business needs, Calmic delivers the highest levels of innovative solutions and customer care. We will install and maintain your hygiene solutions, manage consumables, dispose waste whilst ensuring compliance with health and safety standards.

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