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Good hygiene and pleasant experience is critical to drive retail business

Creating the right retail environment can help increase shopper dwell time, generate loyalty with your brand and encourage repeat custom. Clean and pleasant smelling facilities that promote a more hygienic environment will improve your customers' shopping experience and their overall impression of the shop and brand.

Good washroom facilities are also vital in creating a pleasant shopping experience and are important factors in your customers' decision to return. Customers often expect a minimum standard of cleanliness in a public washroom and if facilities are poor, it can negatively reflect on your brand image, reduce the length of stay and spend and drive people away.

An enhanced washroom experience leads to increased purchase behaviour, positive word of mouth and greater frequency of return visits. Find out more about how to improve hygiene in your retail space for a compelling customer experience

Washroom is more than just a functional space in a hospitality sector. Find out how to provide a good washroom experience for your guests.

Latest research-based findings provide new insight on consumer responses to smell. Find out how Calmic can help enhance your customer experience and build brand loyalty.

Our service promise to customers

Our local teams and specialists are dedicated to deliver efficient, quality and discreet hygiene services islandwide. Tailoring recommendations to your needs, Calmic takes pride in raising high hygiene standards through quality service, innovation solutiions and professional customer care. We take care of your service needs in ensuring timely installation and consumables availability, while ensuring compliance and hygiene regulations are met.

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