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How to improve hotel hygiene

Creating the right environment and brand experience for your guests is essential. A poor experience could be damaging to your business, impacting customer loyalty, making them less likely to return. 

Clean and hygienic facilities, communal areas and washrooms play a key role in turning an average stay into a great one, and are some of the most important factors when recommending a hotel to friends and colleagues.

Image starts right at your door step

The entrance is one of the most visible and critical initial touch points in creating that first positive impression to your guests. The customer experience begins the moment they enter your hotel and proceeding to the reception and concierge for their check-in activities.

  • Quality floor care enhances your brand image and helps demonstrate an added level of health and safety assurance dedicated to your guests.
  • Exuding a sophisticated and pleasant ambiance through scent marketing helps elevate your hotel's Servicescape and reinforce your brand image.
  • Surprise your guests by taking care of their hygiene and safety needs with available hand sanitisation facilities as they enter and exit your hotel.

Give your guests the well deserved rest

Cleaning alone does not create a completely hygienic, bacteria free environment. Surfaces may appear clean but still can be contaminated by microorganisms. Good hygiene practices helps to reduce of risks of cross contamination.

  • With various contact surfaces within the guest rooms such as washroom, tv remote control, table tops etc, it is important to allow your guests to optimise their hygiene standards with adequate hand hygiene solutions.
  • A good night rest can be heighten with the right ambiance. Scents are known to influence mood and relaxes individual with soothing fragrances.

Washroom is a lifestyle space among guests

The importance of a good washroom experience should never be neglected. Quality washroom standards could influence a hotel guest's overall attitude and perception towards your brand. It also indicates the level of hygiene standards the hotel is embracing and prioritising for their guests.

  • Ensure adequate hygiene facilities is in place such as hand washing and hand drying solutions. 
  •  Discreet sanitary waste disposal can be heightened with Calmic's No-Touch Feminine Hygiene units, to minimise contact and reduce transmission of germs. Raise hygiene standards by making these integrated hygiene solutions available for your guests.
  • For the additional level of protection, particularly to minimise the risks of germs spreading through "Sneeze effect", Toilet Seat Cleaners can be offered to safeguard your guests.
  • It is said that smelly washrooms are perceived to be unhygienic and dirty. Add some pleasant freshness to your washrooms with an array of Air Hygiene solutions.

Food safety begins in your kitchen to dining area

Do you know it takes seconds for a hand to become contaminated by touch? However, it takes only twenty seconds to wash your hands properly. Adopting correct handwashing procedures can help minimise spread of germs during food preparation.

  • Ensure adequate handwashing facilities are catered for your users, including well-stocked hand soap, availability of paper towel and hand sanitisers for an elevated hand care. Non-Touch sensor technology hand soap dispensers are also available for hotels complying to high food safety standards.
  • Equip your kitchen users with hand hygiene education. Train them in adopting the correct hand washing steps, download hand wash posters and notices for circulation from Calmic Hygiene Library.
  • Food preparation involves regular washing and wetting of surfaces. Health and safety of your users should not be treated lightly. Heighten the safety by placing safety floor mats to prevent slips and falls in the kitchen. Ideal for wet or greasy work environment, Calmic floor mats are crafted to minimize dangerous accidents from happening.

Enaging a pleasant and healthy recreational activities

Unhygienic conditions in public amenities can lead to the rapid spread of diseases, respiratory conditions and even intestinal disorders. Micro-organisms in sweat, urine, saliva and faecal matter thrive in poor sanitation and outbreaks can have a vast impact on guests and brand reputation.

  • With various recreational and leisure activities such as outdoor sports and gym training, adequate handwashing and drying facilities should be catered for personal hygiene purposes. Ensure hand soaps and paper towel are well supplied and for optimal hygiene, non-touch and sensor technology hand soap dispensers are also available to reduce the risks of germs spreading.
  • Hand sanitisers provided at key locations such as entrances or exit can value add your amenity users to minimise cross contamination.
  • Odours or stale air quality is inevitable in such environment. Refresh your space with Calmic Premium Scenting with tangy and zesty fragrance.

Optimal hygiene standards among professional business users


  • With high human interaction and heavy usage, conference rooms and business centres in hotels create a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. A clean meeting environment creates a pleasant guest experience and reflects well on your brand.
  • Value add and enhance your guests' safety with the provision of hand sanitisers.

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