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Recommendations for good food & beverage hygiene

As well as creating a pleasant environment in which your customers can enjoy great food and company, good hygiene for food and beverage businesses is essential to minimise the risk of cross-contamination and ensure food safety for customers whilst meeting increasing regulatory demands.

The principles of HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) can help businesses introduce procedures to ensure the food they produce is safe to eat. Determining critical control points where hazards can be prevented and eliminated is essential; below we explore a few areas for consideration.

Hand hygiene

Contaminated hands are a major factor in foodborne diseases. The CDC estimates that up to 40% of cases may be linked to poor hand hygiene. Hands can carry and transmit dangerous pathogens such as norovirus, they also pick up transient organisms such as salmonella from the gut after using the toilet. During food preparation, hands touch a variety of surfaces, food and equipment that may themselves be contaminated, and this can be a major factor in cross-contamination, resulting in potential food contamination.

  • Train staff on correct hand washing procedures and glove usage policies to minimise the spread of germs from hands to food and surfaces.
  • Provide adequate hand washing and drying facilities in various touch points to minimise cross contamination risks.
  • Hand Sanitisers can be place at reception counters, out of washroom or entrances of kitchen for optimal hand hygiene.

Kitchens/food preparation areas

Kitchens and food preparation areas provide the optimal environments for bacteria to breed and spread if good hygiene practices are not put in place. Minimising the risk of cross-contamination and spread of bacteria and ensuring proper food hygiene and safety are critical elements in ensuring the well-being of staff and customers.

  • Especially in the kitchen and food preparation area, where water usage activities are high, and accumalated grime and grease, the floor and surfaces can get slippery and slimy over time. This places your kitchen staffs at high risks of accidents such as slips and falls. Protect your staff's safety by placing germ guard mats at strategic locations in the kitchen.
  • Train staff on correct hand washing procedures and glove usage policies to minimise the spread of germs from hands to food and surfaces.
  • Ensure all food handlers are fit for work. Pathogens such as norovirus are easily spread and have a low infective dose - meaning very few organisms are needed to cause illness.


Customers often decide where to eat from a glimpse of the menu or the premises before they decide to enter. Ensuring the entrance to your establishment is clean and inviting is important to encourage customers to dine with you.

  • Welcome your guest with a floor mat, not only enhances the brand image of your restaurant, but also raise the confidence of your hygiene, health and safety standards among your diners. It also helps to maintain your restaurant's cleanliness, by trapping dirt and grimes that could be brought in by shoes.
  • Value add your diners and also restaurant employees by catering hand sanitisers at the entrance, for optimal hand hygiene.
  • Choose the right floor mats to absorb dirt and water so these do not get trodden through eating areas and your premises.
  • Create the right ambience and attract diners with an inviting scent, for that memorable and positive dining experience.


The standard of washrooms in a food establishment can directly impact a customer’s perception of the cleanliness of the kitchen; in fact a clean washroom gives 91% of people confidence in the quality the food and drink being served. Providing the right facilities to ensure good washroom behaviors can also help minimise the risk of dangerous pathogens being spread and making their way into the kitchen and food preparation areas.

  • Ensure washrooms are well-provided with integrated hygiene facilities including hand washing and drying solutions.
  • Keep washroom fresh and pleasant by installing Air Fresh solutions, or consider Premium Scenting solution to create another dimension to the washroom space.
  • Do you know, every time a washroom is flushed, bacteria is sneezed into a washroom. These bacteria can cover the entire washroom in less than a minute and survive for up to 24 hours. Ensure you have a sanitiser installed in every cubicle to reduce contamination risks.

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