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Get involved in World Toilet Day

World Toilet Day falls on 19 November 2017 

Established in 2001 by World Toilet Organisation, the world toilet day calls for global support and advocacy on the need to address sanitisation crisis, particularly for nations with lower washroom access, or compromised washroom standards or facility and unclean and safe washroom environment to adhere healthy sanitation. 

Poor sanitation can affect the quality of lives, general wellbeing of individuals and the level of health and safety standards. Do you know, there are around 2.4 billion of the population who lives in poor sanitation standards? There are people who had to defecate in the open, or suffers from health diseases due to the exposure of germs and bacteria, resulting from poor sanitation. 

We can do our part to help improve the standards of living, optimising health and safety, saves lives and optimise productivity and morale of every individual by raising more awareness on the world toilet day purposes, in addressing sanitation crisis. 

To help ensure sustainable sanitisation, there are some measures that can be taken for instance, investing in adequate and quality washroom facility, promoting hygiene through proper waste disposal and good functioning waste system, and applying personal hygiene such as hand washing.



Minimising cross-contamination in a workplace pays off in a decrease in loss of productivity when employees fall sick less often.

Reduce the spread of bacteria during flushing – a highly effective way to create a fresh and more hygienic washroom.

Give your washroom users the choice to sanitise toilet seats before use and provide extra assurance your facilities are clean and safe.

Our highest quality dispensers encase toilet paper to further reduce the spread of airborne bacteria – ideal for preventing cross contamination.

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