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Implement occupational safety & health in your business

Did you know that occupational safety and health or known as OSH / K3 can also be presented by encouraging good hygiene factors? Health in OSH can be interpreted as health physically, mentally, and free from disease. This is in line with the concept of hygiene that supports conducive conditions or environment to maintain health and prevent disease, especially through hygiene.

calmic workshop

The relation between hygiene concept with OSH was stated by Mila Tejamaya, President of the Indonesian Industrial Hygiene Association (IIHA) in the Calmic innovation workshop event entitled Enhance Your Brand Persona Through Innovative Safety & Hygiene Service. The workshop which was attended by Calmic customers from various sectors took place at the JS Luwansa Kuningan Jakarta hotel on April 30, 2019. On his occasion, Mila further said:

"Various hazard factors and health risks lurk in our daily activities, dangerous diseases such as hepatitis b and c, can be transmitted through menstrual blood waste. This is why good handling of menstrual waste is needed". In addition, it was revealed by Mila, that wet floor surfaces could pose a physical hazard,  which can make someone slip and fall.

Also attending to the workshop Naning Adiwoso as Chair of the Indonesian Toilet Association who was also invited to be the speaker at the event. In line with what was said by the previous speaker, Naning emphasized that "currently in supporting hygiene needs are still more and more developed, if in the past we only hand washing soap, now it has developed into many units needed by toilet such as paper toilets, toilet seat cleaners, sanitizer toilets, wash foam, feminine hygiene unit, etc. This is absolutely necessary to prevent disease and create a safe, comfortable and hygienic toilet".

calmic workshop

As the organizer of this event, Calmic also presented an internal speaker to present the latest hygiene solution from Calmic. Radar Buana as Country Manager for Key Accounts Rentokil Initial Indonesia said that "now the building managers from various sectors not suppose to be worry anymore, because all the risks that have been explained by these experts can be reduced by presenting quality hygiene units from Calmic such as floor mats, Feminine Hygiene Unit, and the latest series is No touch series for hand sanitizer, hand soap, and tissue ". Radar also said that Calmic as a professional hygiene service business is also fully committed to providing the best service to customers in supporting of toilets and hygiene needed, all of this will have an impact on returning to a good business reputation to customers.

The workshop was closed by Nunik Triyana as Business Development Manager Rentokil Initial Indonesia, who added that the unique and refreshing fragrances from scenting can also play an important role in creating a brand persona that will create the characteristics of your business.