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Provide adequate hand hygiene facilities for your employees

Health and safety has been a critical priority in most industrial and manufacturing businesses, particularly a premise with high volume of traffic or manpower size. Cultivating poor hygiene could potentially transmit bacteria and germs, and could circulate these viruses into the environment and around the workplace.

As a competitive driven industry, operational disruption, costs and expenses, and productivity are key drivers to optimize business growth. Maintaining a hygienic, clean and safe work environment can help to minimize potential health risks, such as germs, diseases and viruses spreading among employees.

Ensuring adequate hygiene facility can help facilitate and cultivate good hand hygiene habits among employees. For instance, ensuring hand soap is made available at the wash basin, installing paper towel or hand dryer to dry your hands, and allocating hand sanitiser outside the washroom for optimal hand hygiene care.

Calmic Indonesia offers various hand care solutions and educational programs in cultivating right hand hygiene habits. Call our toll free at 150808 or email at [email protected] to find out more.