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Harnessing the power of colour psychology

Did you know? Turquoise exudes a reminiscence of the ocean, giving an inspiring and fresh motivation to the surrounding. The colour Green, reassures abundance of refreshment and harmony.

Yes, colour can influence mood and behavior, reflect brand personality, evoke emption and help create positive impact to end users.

Calmic Signature Colour is innovated to create a powerful visual in the washroom, while optimising hygiene standards. To complement interior design trends, the new Calmic Signature Colour launched range is available in 7 colors to match the décor and aesthetically enhanced the washroom solutions and design. For instance, in a premium hospitality business environment and frequently patronised by business leaders and influential guests, elegance, sophistication, refinement and luxury are some key experience attributes to consider. Calmic Signature Champagne and Black is offered to uplift the premium status of the sleek-designed washrooms, typically with warm lightings and well-scented nature.

People make initial judgment on average around 90 seconds, and 60 to 90% of decisions are influenced by colours, some nature of business depends on colour themes to support their services. For instance, a gym, international schools or creative and art galleries depend on colour to energise, uplift or brighten the end users. Calmic Signature Pink, Red or Green washroom solutions may be used to provide nurturing well-being, stimulating and lively enthusiasm, or refreshment feel.

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