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Calmic launches 3 new scent options

As the leading hygiene solutions provider, Calmic Indonesia is always on the constant look out for new and exciting business solutions for your washroom hygiene needs. To help your business stay ahead of today’s competition; Calmic Indonesia launches more options in washroom scenting helping you achieve sustainable long-term solutions, by introducing 3 new scent options: citrus splash, enchanted apple and fresh cotton.

What do these fruity and floral descriptions have in common? The answer is fragrance notes. There are experts and innovation to design scent fragrance to help enhance an environment, and create certain kind of mood and experience in a positive and memorable manner.

For instance, Citrus Splash contains notes of mandarin orange zesty lemon to create an uplifting experience. Orange notes are also known to reduce anxiety and induce a more comfortable and stress free ambience. Fresh Cotton on the other hand comprises subtle hints of almond, and delivers a soft, clean and soothing experience, thus rejuvenating and enhancing the mood in a comforting and homey manner.

There are many other notes designed for different mood. Aromatic bergamot, dune grass, cedar, clary sage are some other notes used for environment filled with serenity, tranquility, calming and therapeutic.

How would business know which scents to choose for their space? There are experts who study the environment, the location, specific brand persona before recommending the ideal scent. For example, in an energizing environment such as a gym, a refreshing and uplifting note will be recommended to spruce up the energy level of the users. Whereas in a hotel, comforting notes such as musk and white woods coupled with apple notes are recommended to create a comforting and anxiety-free ambience, and manage effects of migraine for tired travelers just arriving the hotel.

Find out more about how to choose the right scent for your business here.

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