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Social and viral marketing influence brand management

Social media can make or break the value of your brand easily in these Internet days and age.

If there is one way to capture the attention of today’s social media and influencers- it will be upping your game by colouring your washroom. Colours are now part of your game player.

Many times, when you want to stand out from the crowd, you have to be different. Especially in this times of stiff competitiveness, what are the creative and fun ways you can do to capture the hearts and eyes of our discerning new age consumers?

The first to launch this new innovation in Asia, the Signature Colour Range is the new and enhanced range. The hygiene units are now available in 7 carefully selected colours in a sleek, matt and elegant finish. Colour choice can influence mood, behavior, reflect brand personality, and even help to improve hygiene standards.

Start with a powerful visual impression and be the leader to lead design trends for the boost in your Word-of-Mouth marketing whereby viral marketing can be the most effective way to reach your hundreds, thousands or even millions of users.

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