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My hygiene tips

Embracing good hygiene practices in your business and washroom environment reduce the likelihood of cross-infection and the spread of germs. Read our article on hygiene as one of the best ways to get started with hygiene habits in your daily routine!

Improper replacement of the air purifier filter not only poses a health risk, but also reduces the effectiveness of the air purifier. Learn how to properly replace the air purifier filter here.

28 January 2020

What is coronavirus? What are the symptoms of coronavirus in humans? What causes coronavirus? Here is everything you need to know about coronavirus.

14 September 2019

Find out what is the use of floor mats for you. Enhance employee and guest comfort, floor protection, safety & hygiene through the use of floor mats.

8 September 2019

Your hands are the primary entry points for common germs and bacterias. Know when & how to wash your hands properly today!

3 June 2019

While people are holding onto their smartphones longer than ever, have you ever imagine how dirty is your mobile phone? Let the truth be told!

14 May 2019

Did you know the right scent can trigger memories & have a powerful psychological impact on people? Learn more about how to make your store smell good here.

25 March 2019

Hand hygiene is a critical element in the spread of germs. Take a look at the 4 hand sanitizer facts with Calmic Indonesia here.

14 March 2019

Disposing of sanitary waste is a sensitive issue. What do you have to know about Calmic sanitary bins? Find out here!

3 February 2019

How do I keep my toilet smelling fresh all the time? Find out the secret here!

20 January 2019

Besides keep your floor more hygienic, at least there are 4 other benefits of using floor mats for your business, what are they? Find out the answer here!

8 January 2019

What are the best bathroom fresheners scents you can add to your bathroom? Find out the perfect and ideal air fresheners scents for your bathroom here!

December 4, 2018

Find out more about 7 facts about bacteria on hands that will amaze you!

17 October 2018

Why do toilets smell bad despite having an air freshener and flushing the bowl for many times? Let's look at the 3 myths and the facts that dispel them.

8 September 2018

Find out the 4 common washroom mistakes that may increase risks of contamination and spread of harmful bacteria.

6 June 2018

Toilet paper rolls are definitely an essential in all of the restrooms. Without a proper toilet paper roll, you would find yourself not wanting to use the washroom at all.

4 June 2018

Why is it so important to dry hands after washing? Find out the answers here!

28 May 2018

The power of social media should not be underestimated especially under unexpected circumstances. Find out the unexpected social media risk on bad washroom hygiene here!

24 May 2018

If public washrooms are all sparkly clean and white, does it mean a totally safe environment for you to hang out longer in? Find the answer here!

4 May 2018

All standard washrooms should smell like lemon, says no one. How actually should a washroom smell like? Find out here!

2 May 2018

Always seen placed at the door entrances, floor mats are actually more than just being a ‘door mat’. Find out more here!

6 April 2018

Discover every factor that causes bad smells in washroom, which will be direct negative impact to your business and brand here!

2 April 2018

Find out the 5 customer’s common complaints concerning public toilet you always hear!

7 March 2018

Adopting the right hand hygiene regularly is simple but not trivial! Find out why good hand hygiene habits are the best defense against spreading disease.

5 March 2018

Find out how scent marketing is becomes a powerful marketing tool for engaging customers in your retail, hotel, office and event business.

6 February 2018

What is the ways to improve your hygiene practices in the workplace? Calmic helping you to figure it out the top 5 office hygiene habits you can do right now in the workplace!

2 February 2018

Find out more on how powerful is Calmic’s scent marketing in evoking all the various aspects of your brand personality!

14 December 2017

Its not without reasons if women are reluctant to use public restrooms. What are the common sanitation and hygiene problems in public restrooms faced by women?

7 December 2017

What is the implication of using Scentig in your wahsroom environment? Discover the benefits of enhancing your brand identity with Scenting!

9 November 2017

What are the bad hygiene habits that you should avoid before leaving the public toilet? Are you doing any of these?


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