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InspireAir 72

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The InspireAir 72 air purifier

The InspireAir 72 purification unit uses a sophisticated filtration system to remove particulates and polluting gases from the air inside rooms to create a safer environment and improve health and wellbeing.

InspireAir 72 has a multilayer filter that captures 95% of harmful particulate and gaseous pollutants. A HEPA 13 filter, in combination with a multifunctional filter, captures the dangerous PM2.5 particles and those larger than 15 nanometres, which include:

  • Bacteria
  • Some viruses
  • Mould spores
  • Allergens
  • Smoke particles

Our expert technicians will ensure that your InspireAir 72 is serviced regularly, carefully replacing the filter when required – leaving you to get on with the important things in life.

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Q: What does InspireAir 72 do to the air?

A: The unit circulates the air using a fan and draws it through a multi-layer filter. The HEPA filter removes over 95% of airborne particles and polluting gases.

Air purification to your environment

InspireAir 72 is suitable for a wide range of situations in offices, schools, and hotels – anywhere that people can benefit from a healthier, more productive environment.

What does airborne diseases mean?

Airborne particles and gaseous pollutants from industrial activity, vehicles, building materials and many substances that we use indoors contaminate the air that we breathe inside buildings.

There is no safe level of airborne pollutants. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), 50% of people are affected by indoor air pollution and 68% of all diseases are related to air pollution.

Ensure the air around you is better for you and those around you by investing in air purifiers to keep your business environments safe from airborne bacteria and fresh and welcoming.

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