Hand hygiene edutalk at SD Pardomuan Bandung & SD Sukaresmi 05 Cikarang

To showcase the extent of COHEP’s commitment to good hand washing behaviours, Calmic COHEP Indonesia joined forces with Global Hand Washing Day to support the cause: increasing awareness of hand hygiene through educating young children. To make the event even more special, Rentokil Initial employees from Bandung and Cikarang Branch joined the COHEP train-the-trainer program in order to learn how to personally conduct COHEP modules themselves.

COHEP also visited Pardomuan elementary school in Bandung and Sukaresmi 05 elementary school in Cikarang. The aim was to teach students about the importance of good hand hygiene. The event was attended by second year elementary school students, their teachers, headmaster, and also local government & staff members. All participants showed great enthusiasm for the event and were engaged throughout the day.

The day started with an introduction to the importance of hand hygiene and an Edutalk about flu habits. During the Edutalk on flu habits, all the children performed the exercise by covering their mouths and nose with a tissue and hand washing. Also the child’s knowledge was tested by Edu Quizzes where students had the opportunity to showcase their understanding. The message was also reinforced by a video that outlined how germs spread.

Rentokil Initial Indonesia looks forward to conduct continuous CSR activities to contribute back to the society next year.