Scenting location

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Enhancing customer experience through the power of scenting

Scent goes beyond our perception and can instantly cue memories and uplift emotions, turning that moment into a branding opportunity to drive loyalty. 

Placing the right fragrance in the right location will create the right impact and experience from the moment people walk through the door until they leave the location.

Spot your scenting location

Premium Scenting solution for large area

Scenting solution for large area suggested through centralised air condition supply duct (AHU). Scenting unit PS 1270 performance can coverage the large area up to 150,000 cuft or 4,250m3.

Suitable area for PS 1270 solution: lobby reception / concierge, conference room and ballroom.

Premium Scenting solution for medium area

Scenting solution for medium area can be placed through centralised air conditioned supply duct (FCU) or localised installation (wall mount or free standing). Scenting unit PS 570 performance can coverage the area up to 30,000 cuft or 850m3. 

Suitable area for PS 570 solution: spa area, guest room, work space and gym station.

Premium Scenting solution for small area

Scenting solution for small area suggested through localised installation (free standing). Scenting unit PS 160 / PS 270 performance covers up to 10,000 cuft or 283m³.

Suitable area for PS 160 / PS 270 solution: function / meeting room, washroom and corridor.