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How good hygiene impacts hospitality and hotels

Customers today are increasingly informed, conscious and vocal about hygiene standards and the effects on their health. Combined with travel reviews and the increasing number of rating sites, hygiene standards are having a significant impact to the hospitality industry.

Whilst hygiene is not often in the spotlight when managed well, it quickly becomes central focus when managed poorly. With high levels of traffic and turnaround throughout the year, it is an everyday challenge for hotels to maintain the highest hygiene standards across large and varied premises.

Good hygiene is vital to create environments where guests feel rested and reassured. It also influences how your brand is perceived long after check-out.

"Washroom is more than just a functional space in a hospitality sector. Find out how to provide a good washroom experience for your guests."

How to choose the right scent for my business?

Structured Evaluation Programme 

A structured evaluation program will be conducted to ensure your Premium Scenting solution is tailored according to your environment space and airflow testing by utilising diagnostics tools. 

  1. We study your brand persona- Fresh, homey, serene, tranquil, lively, refined, contemporary, energetic 
  2. We study your various spaces suitable for scenting- Lobby, reception, hallways, waiting area, lounges 
  3. We recommend a range of carefully selected scent for your brand- Green Tea, Citrus Fresh and Magic Garden are amongst top favourites
  4. Using Micro-Droplet Technology by dispersing droplets under 50-micron, creates a more uniform scent coverage

Our service promise to customers

Our local teams and specialists are dedicated to deliver efficient, quality and discreet hygiene services islandwide. Tailoring recommendations to your needs, Calmic takes pride in raising high hygiene standards through quality service, innovation solutiions and professional customer care. We take care of your service needs in ensuring timely installation and consumables availability, while ensuring compliance and hygiene regulations are met.

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