Floor mats

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Floor mats

Your hygiene journey actually starts right at your doorstep. 80% of dust and dirt is brought indoors by shoes! Normal mats are not able to trap dust, water and grime effectively, posing a risk of breeding ground for bacteria, virus and mould. 

35% of workplace injuries are due to slips, trips and falls. Besides the critical hygiene factor in large traffic environment, floor care is an important health and safety agent in business premises. 

There are various key locations a correct floor mat helps to improve hygiene and safety: 

  • Entrance of a building 
  • Wash basin area 
  • Bar counters 
  • Entrance of a washroom 
  • F&B or commercial kitchens 
  • Pantries 

Calmic Indonesia offers a range of floor mats which are effective at collecting all types of grime and water for high quality performance. Take the right steps to make your establishment a safe one today.

Choose advanced protection and safety

High performance

Mats are manufactured with quality for maximum absorbency and performance. High twist nylon pile binds dust, dirt and moisture and mats can hold up to 4 litres of water per m².

Built for safety

Our mats are designed to keep floors clean and protect against slips and falls. They also include heavy weight rubber backing to ensure extra stability and prevent trips.

Calmic hygiene consultants

Calmic provide professional advice to ensure your floor is adequately protected and your employees' or visitors' safety are maintained at all times.

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Work smarter: choose exceptional service

For mats to work effectively they have to be serviced professionally with specialist laundering – not just vacuumed. Worn mats can be ineffective, unsightly and may trip visitors or staff. We work with you to understand your business’s specific needs. We’ll then recommend the best solutions to protect your people and premises.

  • Mats swapped for fresh quality-checked replacements.
  • Mats freshly laundered every time in ecologically advanced processing centres.