Air purifiers

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Air purifiers

Bring clean and fresh air with Optipura® professional plasma purifier.

Nothing more important than clean and fresh air. Unfortunately, the quality of the air we breathe indoors often contains many unwanted chemicals and biological substances that might have a high potential for adverse health effects.

Optipura® air purifiers utilize advanced plasma purifier technology that has been tested to efficiently eliminate up to 99% potential airborne pathogens such as germs, bacteria, and viruses as well as surface contaminants in indoor spaces.

Contact us for guidance from our hygiene specialist in choosing an air purifier that fits your business needs.

Work smarter: choose easy servicing

We’ll assess your requirements and help you choose the right air purifier for your needs.

We’ll also service your purifiers on schedule and carry out any maintenance work required. This will ensure your environment smells good and remains hygienic and well protected.

What can bad air quality do to you?

It has been proven that bad air quality directly affects human health and serious medical conditions including:

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Respiratory diseases, such as asthma and bronchitis
  • Eyes, nose and throat irritation
  • Lung cancer

Where many believe outdoor air pollution levels are worse than indoors, in fact, according to numerous research shows that the air inside a building can have higher levels of pollutants than outdoors.

It has been proven that polluted encountered only briefly outside can become concentrated indoors, resulting in indoor air that's up to five times more polluted than outdoors.

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