What is the use of floor mats?

In places that need a high level of hygiene, floor mats are not only become the perfect way of adding aesthetic value but also to enhance employee and guest comfort, floor protection, safety and hygiene.

1. Maintain the floor clean and dry

Floor mats will be very useful to keep the floor clean and dry - as it can trap water and reduce water being brought in especially during rainy days because. Did you know? during a rainy day, the amount of dirt and debris can multiply up to 12 times.

2. Reduces the risk of an accident like trips, falls and slippery

Did you know? 35% of workplace injuries are due to slips, trips and falls. Certain type of floor mats are placed for health and safety reasons to prevent a slippery floor in cases of greasy and wet work stations

Improves safety altogether with productivity effectiveness is undoubtedly become every company challenge. Considering to place anti-slp mats in the workplace area where wet floor surfaces are available, assembly lines and production workstations will serve as an important tool in preventing trip-and-fall problems.

3. Gives a warm and positive welcome impression for visitors

Did you know? 42% of people judge cleanliness base on floor appearance. A dirty and messy floor appearance naturally put people off and indirectly affects your brand credibility.

Placing an entrance mat right at your doorstep, such as in the lobby entrance help corporate to build a positive impression within your guests by creating a warm welcoming environment.

Other than that, the placement of entrance mats in your building’s reception or doorways can help prevent potentially hazardous and expensive slips and trips in the workplace.

Why Calmic?

Calmic Indonesia provides expert advice and offers full-service floor mats to suit any purpose. Whether you require floor mats for your reception, industrial workshop, food preparation area or bar, Initial has a solution to suit your every need.

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