How to make your store smell good?

Did you know that 75% of the emotions we experience on a daily basis are affected by smell?

The right scent can trigger memories and have a truly powerful psychological impact on people in general. Additionally, the right scent can help remove unpleasant odours as well as enhance mood and evoke feelings of happiness.

How do stores smell so good?

Who doesn't like being greeted with a good aroma of flowers or fresh brewing coffee in the morning every time you visit a store?

Sensory marketing or scent marketing has slowly transformed into an important role to drive business revenue. Scent marketing is the new dimension in how you communicate your brand, turning branding opportunity to loyalty and best yet, to distinguish your brand from others.

Believe or not, the right scent can uplift the ambience and keep customers in your store or retail outlet longer too!

What are the benefits of using scenting marketing for my store?

Discover the full benefits of enhancing your brand identity with scent marketing, including:

  • Longer dwell time: Customers are attracted to, prefer, and spend more time in subtly and properly scented environments
  • Positive effects: Scenting has a positive influence on waiting-time and perception of product value
  • Improves shopper experience: Scenting can calm, relax, de-stress, energise, improve mood and positively impacts spending
  • Appeal to your target market: Like music, air scents can be formulated to appeal to particular age groups, genders and other demographics
  • Stand out from the crowd: Not only will a scenting solution add to your shopper marketing strategy, but will complement and add an extra dimension to your brand message that people will recognise and associate with

Why do I need scenting for my store?

Consumers now have more choice than ever and are able to freely exchange their opinions and experiences via social media. A pleasant shopping experience shared with others is good for your reputation and can lead to new and repeat customers. A poor experience could drive customers to shop elsewhere.

Independent research from around the world proves that shoppers feel comfortable in appropriately scented environments.

Which scent right to my store?

As one of the leading scent company in Indonesia, Calmic Indonesia offers a wide range of choices of scents to accentuate your brand and ensure a memorable experience for your customers:

  • Citrus splash - a refreshing and ozonic citrus fragrance with notes of mandarin orange and zesty lemon
  • Green tea - notes of jasmine, muguet and rose with signature aroma, brightened with zest
  • Enchanted apple - fresh granny smith apples with a hint of musk and white woods
  • Lemongrass ginger - blend of lemongrass, verbena and a hint of warm spice, an uplift aura

Learn more about Calmic’s scent boutique here

If you require a unique scenting solution for your business, not only for odour removal purposes but to ensure a pleasant-smelling and welcoming space that attracts visitors (and makes them stay longer), call us at 0-8001-333-777 or contact us online.