3 things you didn't know about sanitary bins

Disposing of sanitary waste is a sensitive issue. Washroom visitors can feel anxious about touching sanitary bins surfaces due to the potential harbouring of bacteria. Providing a safe and hygienic means of sanitary disposal ensures visitor confidence is improved and their experience enhanced.

It makes obvious sense to ensure that female washroom visitors are able to discreetly dispose of any feminine hygiene waste in a hygienic manner. This helps to keep your restroom pleasant and inviting. So, what do you have to know about Calmic sanitary bins?

Super-hygienic and exceptionally comfortable to use

Give visitors and employees the sanitary solution they deserve. Just simply wave your hand across an infra-red sensor at the top of the bin to activate the quiet lid opening and automatic closing.

This method will ensure all unnecessary physical contact is removed whilst ensuring total discretion for the visitors as well as to reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

Deliver pleasant fragrance and kill bad odours

Calmic feminine hygiene unit are able to mask odours through our scented protected liners. It kills the bacteria on the interior and exterior of your unit and helps prevent germs from spreading with our sanitising solution.

Additionally, Calmic will also provide sanitary disposal service to help you dispose of feminine hygiene waste in a safe, sensitive and environmentally friendly manner.

Available in many different sizes and colours

Our feminine hygiene unit is available in different sizes (14 and 22 litres) to suit your requirements. The sanitary bins are also designed to fit neatly alongside the toilet, offering added visitor comfort.

Additionally, Calmic also enabling you to leverage the power of colour in your washroom. There are 7 available different elegant colours that will raise the hygiene standards of your washroom with our functional and colourful Signature Colour units, but also to upgrade over any regular disposal units.

The importance of sanitary bins to your female washroom visitors

If you would like more information about current sanitary waste disposal regulations or would like to know more about any of the products we offer, please feel free to contact Calmic for a free survey and we will be more than happy to help.