How do I keep my toilet smelling fresh all the time?

How can you eliminate of unpleasant odour and leave your toilet smelling fresh, clean as well as inviting? These 5 tips are the best techniques to keep your toilet smelling fresh all the time.

1. Stop using damp towel

Placing damp towels for hand drying facility is totally a bad idea! Not just because it gives off a mold musty smell, yet also trigger the moisture trapped in the towels and invites bacteria as well as germs to thrive in there. And of course, with germs and bacteria growth inside the toilet, unpleasant smells will coming from the toilet and doesn't go away shortly after.

2. Keep your toilet bowl clean and fresh

Stains on the inside of your toilet bowl are commonly become one of the main sources of bad smells in your toilet. So, one sure way to keep toilet smelling fresh all day is therefore trying to keep the toilet bowl clean.

How to keep the toilet bowls clean and fresh? Besides the action of a simple flushing; ensure that there is a toilet sanitiser solution dispensed along with each time you press down the button. This method will effectively help you to prevent build up of lime-scale and bacteria.

3. Flushing the toilet bowl with the lid down

Flushing the toilet bowl with the lid down is a really simple washroom habits you could make of yours to help the toilet smell fresh and good much longer throughout the day!

The simple reason is because when you flush with the toilet bowl lid down, you prevent the droplets of germs from spreading all around with that strong gushing action. Consider washing and cleaning the cover lid more frequently then.

4. Maintain ideal ventilation levels

Ventilate your toilet! Toilet with minimum ventilations access will create moisture in the air that can lead to condensation and mould growth in the toilet. In addition, a good ventilation access in your toilets will also allow you to keep a toilet smelling fresh all day long.

Without fresh air coming in to replace bad stale air inside, bad smells are inevitably trapped. It is strongly recommended for you to equip your toilet with electric fans and air circulator to make you able to keep the air fresh and flowing in the washroom.

5. Explore the use of Premium Scenting

Using Micro-Droplet Technology by dispersing 1 of 125,000 the weight of a 50-micron droplet, premium Scenting uses aroma diffuser technology - an innovation that provides consistent scent coverage for effective odour remediation, especially in the toilet  environment.

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