4 benefits of using floor mats for your business

Choosing the correct floor mats to suit your specific business requirements is essential in helping to protect and prolong the life of your flooring whilst helping to prevent the risk of trips and slips occurring within your workplace. On other hand, placing the correct type of floor mats in the right locations also means cleaner and less hazardous floors.

Besides keep your floor more hygienic, at least there are 4 other benefits of using floor mats for your business:

  1. Enhancing the aesthetic value of your business
  2. Enhancing company branding
  3. Helping to reduce slips and trips
  4. Capturing dirts and debris

1. Enhancing the aesthetic value of your business

Floor mats are the perfect way to adding aesthetic value and extra protection to your original flooring. With the wide range of sizes and colour choices, a floor mat will tend to be both practical and visually appealing where it is placed.

As good impressions are something crucial in commercial business, having a stylish and clean entrance mat right at the entry door will serve the lasting impressions that you want your customers to have.

2. Enhancing company branding

Add some colour and appeal to your premises with our fantastic indoor logo mats. Communicate your brand whilst protecting your floors from daily dirt and grime. A customized logo mat that represent your company branding will play prominent role of company’s branding and marketing efforts.

Branded mats help to create visual impact and are ideal for high traffic areas such as receptions, showrooms and corridors. Anti-fade properties integrated into the fabric of the mat ensure long lasting colour performance.

3. Helping to reduce slips and trips

Provision of floor mats that support health and safety is an important and critical element in the workplace, one of them are critical in reducing the likelihood of slip and fall in a place like food preparation areas in kitchens at restaurants and working areas in industrial and manufacturing sectors.

Since most types of flooring are relatively slip-resistant when dry, anti-slip mat become a pivotal solutions to help protect both your floor and your customers and staff from the potential accidents and injuries occurring in wet and slippery environments.

4. Capturing dirts and debris

Did you know? 80% of the dirt in buildings is brought indoors via visitors' shoes. Floor mats is your first line of defense against the dirt, water, and debris. Placement of entrance mat in the heavy traffic like, entrance door and/or lobby receptionist are highly effective to barrier stopping grime being passed through your premises.

How to find a right floor mat for your business?

Calmic provides expert advice and offers a comprehensive range of floor mats to suit any purpose. Whether you require floor mats for your reception, industrial workshop, food preparation area or bar, Calmic has a solution to suit your every need.

For a hygienic floor mat solution that improves dust levels, protects floors and captures dirt, contact Calmic Indonesia today!