3 best bathroom fresheners scents

How does bathroom fresheners scents can directly impact user’s behaviour when entering a public bathroom? According to Initial Hygiene research in 2017, there are 88% of people admitted trying to get out of a bathroom as quickly as possible if it smells bad.

Public bathroom with good scents not only create some pleasant space, but also help to make the public bathroom more attractive and comfortable for users. At certain level, many people also tend to linking between clean bathroom with the pleasant smells.

Since nobody likes a smelly bathroom, thus it is not surprising if the presence of air fresheners in public bathroom become increasingly popular in Indonesia. Not only because make visitors feel always welcome, the use air fresheners are also considered as an ideal way to deliver fragrances that give a great first impression to your bathroom visitors.

Here are Calmic favourite bathroom fresheners scents of all time!


Who doesn't like the smell of citrus? Citrus scent from orange and lemon will certainly had a very strong scent in the bathroom. Due to its natural crisp smell, a citrus scent absorbs all bad odour from a bathroom and replaces it with the lingering fragrance.


A fresh lemongrass scent can create miracles in your bathroom! Lemongrass is an excellent fragrance with a sweet and invigorating touch are the ideal fragrance to liven up the idle atmosphere.

Coffee vanilla

Coffee and vanilla are the perfect blend that can instantly warms up the bathroom environment. Its acidity and strong scent of coffee makes it a great as an odour absorber. While, the soft and sophisticated vanilla scent will give an additional touch of sweetness which makes your bathroom smell delightfully fresh and clean all the time.

The good news is Calmic Indonesia can help you to add some pleasant scents to your bathroom with one of the great scents selection above. Our air fresheners solutions can be mood elevating and will solve your toughest odor elimination challenges.

Our fragrances contain AromaGuard technology, proven to reduce the perception of bad odours in washrooms by at least 70%. We also provide a full maintenance and refill service, so your air fresheners are always ready and working.

For more information about our air fresheners solutions, please feel free to contact us or call us on 0-8001-333-777, and we will be more than happy to help.