3 myths & facts about toilet odors

For most users, the initial reaction to resolving a bad odor is to musk them with fragrances. However, this musking technique usually is not able to control or eliminate the odour problem.

Despite multiple additions and fragrance layering, we end up spending more time and investment with less fruitful outcome. Not understanding the root cause of odour development, would also means not applying the right solution to the problem.

3 common myths about bathrooms odors, such as:

  • The toilet smells bad despite flushing for many times
  • Sanitary waste bins are always smelly
  • Toilets without air conditioning are always smell bad

Let's look at these myths and the facts that dispel them below!

Myth 1: the toilet smells bad despite flushing for many times

Have you ever felt that no matter how many times the toilet bowl is being flushed, the bad smell stays and lingers? Or why is there a bad smell when I flush my toilet? This is because encrustation resulting from long-term bacteria and germs build-up can cause odour.

Facts: applying toilet and urinal sanitiser with enhanced formula to eliminate bacteria and leaving a protective layer on urinals and toilet bowls can help control odour in your toilets. Therefore the root of the problem has to be solved first to tackle bad smells effectively.

Myth 2: sanitary waste bins are always smelly

Some toilet are not equipped with appropriate sanitary units or adopt regular and frequent sanitation and cleaning. Over time, the disposed sanitary waste might leave unpleasant foul smell if they are not cleared. Worst of all, some units are not secure with a lid, thus exposing these bacteria and odour in the cubicle.

Facts: a non-touch sanitary bins unit that is designed with anti-bacterial technology and contains environmentally-friendly “BioSach” is able to address unpleasant odour effectively. Know that, the sanitary bin that you should know today is not always smelly.

Myth 3: toilets without air conditioning are always smell bad

Ventilation and open-concept toilets is a common challenge, and most basic air fresheners might not refresh the toilet with a nice fragrance to control odour in a long term and consistent manner.

Facts: Pemium Scenting uses aroma diffuser technology, an innovation that provides consistent scent coverage for effective odour remediation in a wide coverage area. Experience the difference in your toilet today with a complimentary trial.

Ask your professional hygiene services to get rid of toilet odor now!

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