4 common washroom mistakes to avoid

Unlike at the lobby area, reception or any open and public facing spaces, washroom may be a neglected space or effort may be seen lesser in maintaining and promoting it.

While most businesses are improving their overall experience, aesthetics, ambiance and décor of their environment, DIY washroom maintenance and tools may be designed for cost savings.

Below are the 4 common washroom mistakes that may increase risks of contamination and spread of harmful bacteria.

Using mothballs to freshen the air

Do you know mothballs contain harmful active ingredients such as toxic chemical that diffuse in the air, and may be harmful to our health and safety?

Besides causing a strong distinctive odor in the washroom, health hazards such as headaches, dizziness, allergy/ irritation may arise.

On average, a person visits the washroom at least 6 to 8 times a day, which also means the exposure to these harmful mothballs are substantially a lot.

Solution: Install automatic air freshener that are specifically design for washrooms, not only to create a nice fragrance in the washroom, but keeping the space fresh and safe for users.

Provide common sharing towel for hand drying

We know the usage level of paper towel can be really high on a daily basis, thus causing high expenses for the business. Controlling the consumption level can be an operational challenge or risk of hikes in complaints.

Do you know how much of germs and bacteria can harbour on a damp and recycled hand towel that causes contamination and spread of diseases?

Solution: provide automatic hand dryer for your end users to dry their hands while maintaining a cost efficient facility maintenance in the washroom.

Placing recycled cloth or house mat for wet floor

Floor care hygiene may be taken for granted and pay less attention as a result. Be it for welcoming people, trap dirt or prevent potential floor, we may not be aware on the need and availability of proper and appropriate floor mats to optimise health and safety in the right manner.

The danger of placing these DIY cloths and off-the-shelves mats may mean, not trapping dirt and grime or absorbing excess water effectively, and because these mats are not design for floor care, they may not have sufficient and sustainable grip on the floor to prevent it from shifting around, causing potential trips and falls over the mats.

Solution: introduce proper floor care solutions for your business needs, be it for welcoming guests, trapping dirt and grime or prevent fatigue, there are series of floor mats designed for your washroom.

Washing toilet urinals with brush and cleaning agent

Diligent housekeeping in the washroom is a positive habit to ensure cleanliness is maintained at all times.

However, a visible clean white toilet doesn’t mean hygienic. Read more on why this is the case. Brushing the toilet bowls helps in removing some stains and grime, however, long term usage may cause encrustation, that results in bacteria and germs transmission and bad odour.

Solution: install urinal sanitizer that constantly flushes doses of sanitizing fluid into the flushing system, keeping it hygienic and reducing harmful microorganisms that cause germs through sneeze effect and odour.

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