How to use toilet paper in some unexpected ways?

It may seem like a no-brainer for this topic on “How to Use Toilet Paper” yet there are some unexpected ways, whereby the general public is unaware of what other usages are there for this everyday hygiene essential.

Toilet paper rolls are definitely an essential in all of the restrooms. Without a proper toilet paper roll, you would find yourself not able or even not wanting to use the washroom at all.

There are your usual normal domestic rolls you use at home and in the office. Of which many of them would come in the regular toilet roll holder, just a roller small enough to fit in and then a simple cover at the top to keep out dust and dirt.

Yet, to tackle washrooms with high traffic, you have to be more economical and be ready to cater to the high capacity usage. These locations often or more, in shopping malls, industrial buildings and may even be the case for some large offices.

The jumbo toilet paper dispenser is a durable, economic and high capacity toilet paper dispense designed to reduce the need for regular refills. They are built for washrooms with high traffic.

Here are some tips on how to use toilet paper in some unexpected ways:

#1 Always store toilet paper rolls in a proper toilet paper dispenser. This not only promotes user-friendliness, it helps to keep the roll clean, dry and free from contamination.

#2 Use the toilet paper for other effective purposes, such as with the toilet seat cleaner. A good and healthy washroom environment, a toilet seat cleaner is installed along together with many other washroom facilities.

A toilet seat cleaner unit dispenses cleaning sanitizing solution to use on the toilet seat to eliminate up to 99% of germs and bacteria. If you do not know, the toilet seat is one of the germs and bacteria top hot spots. Take a minimum of 2 squares of toilet paper and dispense up to 3 press of the toilet seat cleaner solution onto it. Wipe the toilet seat from the top to bottom in an anti-clockwise direction in one single swipe. Do not go back and forth as this may result in cross contamination again.

#3 If you notice that the washroom you have visited lack in certain essential hygiene facilities such as a paper hand towel dispenser and hand drying machine, prepare yourself to whisk away some toilet paper out from the cubicle when you’re done. In this way, you are able to dry your hands effectively after washing and prevent from making the floor wet and slippery.

#4 This would probably resonate more with our female washroom users- opening up that sanitary hygiene bin only to find and see something you do not really want to. We all could be more responsible washroom users if we take the small little step to help conceal your own sanitary waste more hygienically – use the toilet paper roll to go around it once before disposing it in the bin. Just a simple easy step to make the washroom a better place for everyone!

If you have any other concerns about washroom hygiene and facilities, feel free to speak to one of our hygiene specialists today.