How should a washroom smell like?

All standard washrooms should smell like lemon, says no one.

People tend to associate and connect washrooms with lemon and citrus fragrance in an attempt to give the environment a refreshing and uplifting feel. However, washrooms can exude a pleasant and inviting experience without being stereotyped with the “lemon” impression.

Most businesses, particularly the retail, hospitality and service-centric industries place a lot of emphasis in experience and ambiance. To suit today’s evolving trend of lifestyle, a washroom is also designed as a lifestyle space instead of functional. This means every details of the washroom are well considered – looking and smelling good.

By including Aesthetics and Scents in the Service Scape, the overall first and last impression can be enhanced. Have you been to washrooms in a mall or hotel that is so pleasant that you end up spending more time in the washroom? Comparing to other washrooms where every actions are hasty and quick due to various unpleasant washroom factors?

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In fact, there are more and more washrooms moving away from conventional Air Fresheners to create a whole new experience by engaging in Scent Marketing. Depending how you like the mood and ambiance to be, different notes are designed to exude different experience and persona. Subtle hints such as white tea or comforting floral nuances can add different dimensions to your washroom.

Finding out what notes represent best your brand and business is the first step to take in adopting scent marketing. As aesthetics is the other key element, every washroom facilities and accessories are also carefully considered. For example, hand soap dispenser are built in and well hidden, and fragrances are dispensed without installing any physical unit.

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