Why floor mats are more than just a welcome at the entrance?

Always seen placed at the door entrances of lobby hotels or office building? No wonder! Many building management are considered to placing floor mats at the entrance as the ideal ways to improve safety and cleanliness.

Did you know if floor mat is actually more than just a ‘welcome greetings’ at the entrance door? Or simply say, more than just being a ‘door mat’? Find out the interesting facts on 3 other locations which actually need floor mats role to improve hygiene and safety standards with Calmic Indonesia below!

1. Office pantry

office pantry floor mats

Office pantries are a frequently visited location in your office and involve regular washing of hands or mugs at the washbasin area. The probability of wetting the floor area tends to be higher, and hence, promotes incident risks or transferring water spills to the other parts of the office. By trapping water from hand washing activities, incident risks of slips and falls can be minimized and prevent transferring excess water out of the washroom; reducing risks posed in the working area.

Why place a floor mat in the office pantry? Presence and usage of water are unavoidable in an office environment. This includes water being introduced to the office from a rainy weather, washing of cups and utensils at the pantry, washing of hands at the wash basins or potentially wetting of washroom floor due to hand washing without drying before exiting. These are potential incident risks and might cause potential slips and falls and incurring additional financial costs for repair, medical treatments and work time lost.

2. Industrial area

industrial area floor mats

Are you producing a danger line for workers? Remember! Health and safety is an important and critical element in all industrial work places with its large traffic environment.

Over time, these normal mats pose a risk of breeding ground or germs such as bacteria, virus and mold. With the built up grim and dust, the cleanliness and hygiene of your working environment is compromised.  Key hotspot areas in your industrial premise include the reception/ entrance, meeting rooms/ office area, canteen, washrooms and production lines.

With no proper anti-slip mats or floor care solutions in place, the floor is not adequately protected to maintain the safety of your employees and visitors. Examples of activities resulting in potential work place tripping incidents include oil stains from the workers’ shoes that dirty the lobby and reception flooring; hand washing and cups washing that wet floor tiles in the pantry area. Don’t make these regular daily routines pose unnecessary risks and worries in your health and safety adherents, engage a professional to take care of your floor care solutions with anti-slip mats today. 

With cleanliness and good hygiene becoming top employee welfare concerns, taking the first step in addressing your work place floor care hygiene is definitely one of the key factors toward building a safety-driven and healthy work environment in an industrial business.

3. Restaurant

restaurant floor mats

Grease, grim and food pieces lying on the floor stepped all over. The Food and Beverage (F&B) industry landscape in Indonesia is continually changing with rising consumer trends and the constant demand for innovative, exciting dining experience amongst the new aged customers.  Health and safety for both the staff and customers is becoming a top priority to maintain a quality dining experience.

While making sure to delight the patron’s dining experience and ensuring optimal food safety standards, restaurant owners are also paying more attention in providing health and safety for their restaurant crews.

Floor care is essential in a restaurant or cafe to improve safety; prevent bacteria transmission and help to trap dirt and grime. As dust and dirt are usually brought into the premises by shoes, an effective floor mat can work to maintain a clean and reduced germ-breeding environment critical in the dining area. A well designed floor care solution with non-slip mat is a way you can best protect your premise’s maintenance and patrons’ safety.

The importance of having proper floor care solutions and industrial mats in place is highlighted in a recent case of a slip and fall which happened in an F&B workplace premise- having a safe and non-slip floor care in place can help to reduce risks of slips and falls. Health and safety of users and staff is priority.

Speak to a Hygiene expert today on the various floor care solutions you can find suitable for each different premises of differing needs. Drop an online enquiry here today!