Washroom hygiene Q&A: Bad stale air in washroom

What would you do if you encountered a bad smelling in washroom? Most people will just walk away unless the ‘business’ to do is really very urgent. And in many cases, users will continue to walk until they find another decent washroom to use. Now, think about this: if you are in a retailing business and most of your washrooms all smell bad, there will be a chance you lose footfall in your business when customers walk away to the next-door neighboring mall.

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Question: Do you think the smell of a washroom reflects its level of hygiene or cleanliness?

Answer: Over 80% of people associate bad washroom smells with poor hygiene. Bad smells are often associated with poor hygiene because generally for many people, bad smells have got to do with poor housekeep, high levels of germs and bacteria, which then results in forming the perception of low hygiene level. If your business is perceived to have poor hygiene, this impacts your brand image and value negatively especially if you are in a food & beverage business.

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Question: How does a strong smell or odour affect the perception of the brand?

Answer: 80% of people leave with a bad perception of a business with unpleasant washroom smells. Perception, which is the way something is regarded or being understood is usually the first impression someone makes about a person, a thing or even a brand name. If your brand name comes off with a bad perception due to bad smells in the washroom, this could mean detrimental for you in the long term!

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Question: What are the reasons for bad stale air in washrooms and where did that smell come from?

Answer: Various factors contributing to bad stale air in washrooms, including:

  • Poor airflow & ventilation – Poor designs in washrooms potentially lead to poor airflow within the washroom cubicles. Without a good airflow, this results in poor ventilation which then traps bad air inside without fresh air from the outside coming in. Tip: Install an exhaust fan to help improve airflow.
  • Choked pipes – Stale air smells like a combination of garbage, human waste and oh wait… drain odour! Bad smells which smell like drains could come from choked pipes and drains in the washroom. This is a common cause and should it be investigated to be the root of the problem for the bad stale air.
  • Overall poor washroom user behavior – Education on good washroom hygiene behavior should be encouraged in public. Responsible acts such as cleaning up in the cubicle ready for the next user and even small actions like covering the washroom bowl lid before flushing could help to reduce the spread of flu germs in the washroom. 
  • Lack of proper amenities provided – Professional washroom amenities are important because they serve the needs of users such as; in a female washroom, a feminine hygiene unit is required to dispose of sanitary napkins discreetly and hygienically. When a bin is not provided for, tendency for users to litter is very high. And with littering occurring everywhere, it is difficult to maintain cleanliness and ultimately this leads to bad smells.

Besides being able to help you avert bad stale air for washrooms in your business, Calmic Indonesia is able to recommend suitably meeting the needs and overcoming washroom challenges professionally.