5 customer’s complaints concerning public toilet you always hear

If you often complaining about public toilet hygiene to the management building, then you are not the only one here! What are the most 5 customer common complaints on public toilet? Find out the top-5 list below:

1st complaint: Ew! Why the toilet floor is so wet and dirty?

Stepping into the public toilet, you almost lose your footing on the slippery wet floor tiles. That was a close shave! Day-to-day cleaning of a toilet floor can be very taxing especially if the toilet has high user traffic. It is a challenge to keep the floor clean and dry with all the washing activities going on.

Wet and dirty floors not only are unsightly, they pose a high degree of health and safety risk should a slip and fall occurs.

Turn that complaint into a compliment today:

Besides reducing the amount of labor hours spent keeping the floor clean and dry, placing floor mats strategically at for example, the wash basin area is able to trap a high percentage of water and dust effectively.

2nd Complaint: Ew! That strong urine smell!

That smell so strong and pungent it hits you unprepared. That strong urine odour lingering in the air almost stopped you from taking another breathe. Yet holding your breathe while trying to get your business done is not that easy after all. All that you wished are that you could pee finish in a second and take that dump in two seconds.

Turn that complaint into a compliment today:

Reasons for a strong urine smell in a toilet are that, besides poor maintenance and cleaning, toilet and urinal bowls encrustation is very well the main culprit. Bacteria build up over time in toilet and urinal bowls with stains, odour and leading to encrustation eventually. To fight encrustation and lime-scale in these urine bowls, a sanitiser is the solution.

With every flush, a toilet and urinal sanitiser dispenses a dose of a solution to keep the bowl clean and healthy; at the same time reducing the amount of bacteria sent flying into the air.

Therefore, no matter how many times you try to vigorously clean the toilet bowl, it will never be clean enough without a sanitiser solution.

3rd complaint: I need to dry my hands properly first!

Every one of us washes our hands with soap and water once you stepped out of the cubicle (if you don’t, and yes you should, find out why it’s important to wash your hands after a toilet visit here). After washing, it is imperative to want to dry your hands because firstly, you want to adjust your hair, and of course do not want to touch your pretty hairdo with wet hands. Secondly, you want to take out your mobile phone from the bag and start texting, and of course you do not want to text with wet hands. And lastly, if you do not know, this is important to know- damp hands spread 1,000 times more bacteria than dry hands!

Turn that complaint into a compliment today:

If a toilet is fit inadequately with the proper hand care hygiene facilities, it results in a poor impression and poor service especially if you are in the service industry. A standard paper towel dispenser or air hand dryer fitted near the washing area should be in place. Aha! Now satisfying that hand drying moment could be so easy… and within reach.

4th complaint: What’s that brewing in that toilet bowl?

When you draw that flush and hear a funny loud gurgling sound, you see that the water is not drawing out the way it usually would. You start to panic because the water is soon filling up the entire toilet bowl to the brim! Oh dear! A ‘brew’ is happening- The toilet bowl is choked.

Toilet bowls are choked largely because of poor user behavior such as dumping other than toilet paper, large un-flushable items into it. There are cases heard of such as people trying to flush sanitary pads, hand paper towels, plastic sheets and even their pet tortoise. Unbelievable!

Turn that complaint into a compliment today:

Besides ensuring a good flushing system, down pipes and drainage system should be properly maintained to avoid toilet bowls getting choked.

5th complaint: Wah! Long queue!

This is probably the most common and most heard of complaint line in a public toilet you would agree on. Yes, long queues! Especially for a toilet in prime location and high traffic, visiting the toilet during peak hours such as lunch rush hour, dinner time and on weekends can prove to be a challenge if you are impatient to wait through that snaking long queue. Well it’s quite true that although facility management is able to build a bigger and wider toilet with more cubicles, they would not be able to control how long a toilet queue gets. There is one way to work this around this complaint.

Turn that complaint into a compliment today:

Did you know? 40% of customers stay longer in a pleasantly scented environment. Apart from creating conducive toilet environment to drive quality service and positive impression, scenting for the toilet helps to improve overall mood and morale.

So while waiting in line for their turn to use the cubicle, Calmic premium scenting solution which carries an array of interesting scents here in Scent Boutique, is able to make that wait a total different feel from the rest. And it’s definitely worth the wait!

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