Scent marketing 101: good scents are good marketing

Whilst scent marketing has long been a talked about topic for many businesses, it has also long been serving as an experiential brand persona. Yet the power of scent marketing is not fully leveraged upon understanding on where and how to scent appropriately.

calmic scent marketing in retail


The many uses of scenting your space can be both functional (practical) along with various intangible benefits, including:

1. Addressing bad odour challenges

The functional use of scenting seeks to address odour problems. Having scenting in locations with malodour helps to elevate the bad smell and create a soothing, pleasant environment. While scents help to musk odours acting as an odour remediation relief, it must be encouraged that root of problem has to be addressed in cases of serious odour issue. Some reasons for serious odour for example in the washroom; could be urinal encrustation or simply a drainage choke. These can be effectively resolved with solutions like a urinal sanitizer and electro-mechanical service to clear blocked pipes.

2. Improving experience and ambiance

Besides creating a welcoming ambiance, scents have proven to enhance the environment to evoke a positive mood and response. A positive emotional impact forms a part in the memory, delivering to close that gap in your quality service experience.

3. Relieving tension and anxiety

In some environment that may be intense and stressful, scents that exude calming and soothing effect can be applied to alleviate the nerves. Stress is known to cause an unhealthy outcome to individuals. For example, in a learning institution, a fast pace work environment and dental clinics, end users may be facing constant work tension or stress in catching up with the learning pace, and for end users who have phobia in visiting dentist; it can be daunting waiting to receive treatment at the clinic.

4. Various suitable scenting spaces

An expert study revealed: whether you are in the hotel, retail, office and/or events business, there are various scenting locations that proven to be effective and suitable for scenting, such as:

  • Lobby
  • Reception
  • Elevator
  • Club lounge
  • Pantry
  • Meeting rooms
  • Washroom
  • Common walkway

Why lobby scenting?

Your lobby is probably the front most point of contact for your guests. A nicely scented lobby provides a warm and welcoming effect to your guests. Especially for hoteliers, guests usually bring along this positive emotional impact and form a part in their memory throughout the day.

At the end of the day, what you want to achieve is for your guests to extend their stay and develop a positive association with your hotel brand.

Why event scenting?

Events such as car showrooms and retail pop-up stores could be a one-time opportunity for your brand to interact with consumers. Scents have the potential to create an additional dimension to your brand, influencing behavior and mood to help reinforce customer engagement.

With such intangible benefits, it ultimately helps to encourage longer stay or repeat visits to your business. And most of all, it stimulates browsing, shopping or purchasing opportunities!

Why washroom scenting?

People make initial judgment on average around 90 seconds. Washroom has long evolved from a mere functional space to a lifestyle space. With facility managements in office and retail sectors placing huge emphasis on washroom aesthetics and experience, bad odours in washrooms would surely be frowned upon in today’s social expectations.

Washroom scenting options are wide and available and that is if you know where and how to scent appropriately and effectively in a washroom environment. An expert in the hygiene field is able to help you. Meanwhile, request for our free scenting trial today and discover the array of scents here on our Calmic Scent Boutique.