Is that scenting in the washroom?

In most washrooms today, décor, aesthetics and experience seem to be one critical evaluating criterion in public judgement. As demands and expectations increase with our lifestyle and standard of living, washroom has been a social media and general public spotlight. 

In fact, in most places we visit, particularly the retail and hospitability sectors, washroom is the 1st moment of truth, and typical complaints and concerns are around the odour and freshness of the washroom. While most Air Fresh services do the trick, there are various considerable factors that shift the trend of scenting the washroom. 

Open-concept designs that challenge the consistency of air fragrance within the washroom, is a common problem faced among facilities. Most users would experience issues such as fragrances are not as long lasting, or washroom still persist with odour or bad smell problem, particularly during high traffic or peak periods, washrooms might turn unpleasant. 

Brands that emphasize on aesthetics and outlook and focuses on the details to the washroom. You might have notice for some settings and décor, minimalism and simplicity are applied to create sleek and classic feel to the environment. Hence, most washroom facilities are hidden to give the space a clean look. Yet, when entering the washroom, subtle and pleasant scent diffuse the space, elevating the environment with a lifestyle experience in an intangible banner. 

Experience and ambiance has been a trend among various brands and businesses today, and part of delivery quality service experience and enhancing their servicescape is to introduce Scent Marketing. Carefully selected notes, such as tangy, fruity or floral tints are used, depending how the ambiance and mood is preferred to set for the audience. For example, a refreshing and delightful environment can be represented with Ginger Lilly Fresh scent, an elegance and sophistication scent choice.

Particularly at retail or hospitality business, or locations with high traffic volume such as large scale Industrial and Manufacturing premise, where ventilation, air quality and washroom usage level could impact and compromise the overall air freshness of the washroom. 

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