Avoid these 3 bad hygiene habits in the toilet

Toilets in places such as offices, restaurants or shopping malls are such a vital facility in public spaces that are not just devoted worn by you. However, most people tend to forget that once you get out of the toilet, there will be other users who use the same toilet as you are.

Therefore, it’s very important for every toilet user to respect other users by keeping the toilet clean when you leave it. Remember! your habits in the toilet reflect to your behavior.

Here are the 3 bad hygiene habits in the toilet that you should avoid:

Didn’t dispose toilet garbage properly
Letting garbage scattered in the toilet cubicle and/or not didn’t dispose your toilet garbage properly could easily cause unpleasant odor in the toilet. At more severe level, toilet garbage such as waste sanitary napkins is a type of waste that could spread bacteria and virus pathogens if it isn’t dispose properly to a bin such as feminine hygiene unit or sanitary bins that have been provided in place.

Leaving the toilet seat dirty and not clean for the next users
Many people are reluctant to use public toilets because they feel disgusted and unsure of the sanitation facilities provided, where the uncertainty of whether toilet seat clean enough to use become one of the top reasons by users. Hence, many ways that common people will do when they have to face the problem of a dirty toilet seat, for example by covering the toilet seat with a tissue before its use.

The use of a seat cleaner before and after use of the toilet is a great way to keep the toilet seat clean and also provide extra comfort for the next toilet user. Find out the proper to clean a toilet seat here

Leaving the toilet wet after washing your hands
Applying good hand washing habits after using the toilet is believed able to reduce the risk of cross-contamination and bacterial spread. However, there are still many people who simply ignore the process of hand drying after hand washing process and tend to let water dropped from wet hands around the sink and floor area.

More than just make the toilet look dirty, wet and uncomfortable to use by others, bad hygiene habit such as not drying hands properly when leaving the toilet with hand dryers or hand paper towel is also able to make your wet hands as the perfect medium for bacteria and germs to stain in your hands. Did you know? Wet hands have 1,000 times more bacteria than dry hands.

Motivate your toilet users to behave hygienically and prioritize the common interest by providing adequate toilet hygiene facilities.