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We are part of the Rentokil Initial group. We are the leading providers of expert hygiene services and pest control management enabling businesses and organisations of all kinds to focus on what they do best.


People Matter

Ours is a people-based business. Our people provide outstanding service so that your people enjoy a level of comfort, hygiene, cleanliness and convenience that allows them to get on with their jobs without distraction. At the same time, your customers and visitors to your premises experience a clean, hygienic level of washroom service that reflects well on your business.

Our People

You may not see much of our people. They are unobtrusive and often do their job when you’re not around. But you will appreciate their efforts. All our staff are thoroughly trained in their duties. While you enjoy our excellent hygiene service, they take pride in their performance.

Your People

People are not concerned about washrooms until something goes wrong. With Calmic’s guaranteed service levels your staff, customers and visitors can rely on unbroken comfort, hygiene and convenience in all your washrooms at all times.

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