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We are part of the Rentokil Initial group. We are the leading providers of expert hygiene services and pest control management enabling businesses and organisations of all kinds to focus on what they do best.


Premium Scenting

Scenting is a powerful trigger of emotions and memories amongst all of our senses. 75% of the emotions we generate on a daily basis are affected by smell. Positive mood can be enhanced through innovative diffusion of uplifting scents and fragrances. Using Micro-Droplet Technology by dispersing 1/125,000th the weight of a 50-micron droplet, thus creating a more uniform scent coverage.

Calmic provides a complete solution for your business and environment. As the leading hygiene solutions provider, we recommend suitable solution range to cater to your business objectives, infrastucture, facilities systems, customer service quality and branding needs.

Scenting Through Air-Con Ducting

Utilising a scenting system that caters coverage of up to 4,250m3, the technology is programmable and adjustable to suit different preferences and needs.

Scenting Through Wall Mount Installation Units

This system is designed to fit into cassette on air-conditioning units conveniently without the need to install through the Air-Con Ducting system. With a coverage area of 850m3, the scent cartridge could last up to 8 weeks depending on the usage level.


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