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Medix Air

Medix Air

Most of us spend more than 75% of our lives indoors - exposed to polluted air and the threat of aerobiological infection. Infection is spread in many ways, however the two most commonly encountered methods are contact and inhalation. Cleaning and hand washing have become the accepted ways to combat these infection risks. Whilst these actions are vitally important, little is currently done to reduce the risks from the inhalation of aerobiological microorganisms.

Calmic Hygiene has introduced Medix Air- an effective system for air sterilisation. Air sterilisation using Medix Air kills 99.99% of each target organism over a 24 hour period. The Medix Air exposes air passing through the unit’s radiation chamber to an intense amount of UV energy, in such a way that it acts as a highly effective germicidal sterilant.

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