Floor Care

In addition to safety and convenience, Calmic mats can also be designed specifically to enhance your company's brand image. Regularly maintained by us to ensure that your floors stay clean and safe.


Ortho Mats

Ortho Mats

Ortho Mats are designed to reduce the fatigue that is caused by standing for long periods on hard surface (e.g. cement floors). Fatigue-reducing mats can be made of various materials including rubber, carpeting materials, vinyl, and wood.





Key Benefits:

  • Ergonomically designed for reduction of back, leg, foot, and ankle fatigue.
  • Promotes employee wellness.
  • Reduces foot exposure to prolonged cold, heat and vibration.
  • Reduces spinal compression.
  • Increases circulation.

Ortho mats or placing carpeting on the floor does not eliminate sore feet by itself, but, when combined with proper work design and quality footwear, it should improve working conditions.

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