Floor Care

In addition to safety and convenience, Calmic mats can also be designed specifically to enhance your company's brand image. Regularly maintained by us to ensure that your floors stay clean and safe.


Dust Mat

Dust Mat

Non-slip, non-trip, our mats will remove up to 70% of dust, dirt and moisture from shoes at your front entrance. They are also invaluable in other areas of your building, at vending machines, rear entrances, between work areas and offices.

Our mat combines the latest technology with hand craftsmanship, ensuring a quality that surpasses the highest recognized international standards.

They protect the carpets, furnishings, finishes and fabrics you have so carefully chosen and expensively acquired, in order to present your business at its best. And you can be confident in the knowledge that you have taken on board a quality floor protecting service…the finest mats available.

We will ensure that mats of a size that will perform effectively and of the correct colour are correctly placed and changed regularly. The dirty mat complete with tracked in dirt is then removed by us and replaced with a clean fresh mat at an interval that ensures optimum performances at all times.

Available dimensions (cm):

  • 60 x 90
  • 85 x 145
  • 85 x 150 (oval)
  • 85 x 300
  • 120 x 180
  • 120 x 240

Colour choices:

  • Brown
  • Green
  • Grey
  • Red

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