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Heri Susanto shares his views on industry trends with Infogading Group


Managing a business in an emerging global market that is forecasted to rise rapidly as part of the future economic expansion brings along some challenges and barriers to accelerate growth. Find out more here!

How many different strains of germs live on our hand?


Bacteria can stay alive on hand for 3 hours? Damp hands spread 1,000 times more bacteria than dry hands. Find out more in here!

Provide adequate hand hygiene facilities for your employees


Health and safety has been a critical priority in most Industrial and Manufacturing businesses, particularly a premise with high volume of traffic or manpower size. See the full article in here!

Why is hand washing so important?


Bacteria or germs can move easily from one person to another. Beware of that, one of the way to prevent is by washing your hand properly. See the full article in here!

Citrus Splash. Enchanted Apple. Fresh Cotton.


Besides spending hours working and attending meetings in your office, washroom is one place which most employees will frequent every day. See the full article in here !

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