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We are part of the Rentokil Initial group. We are the leading providers of expert hygiene services and pest control management enabling businesses and organisations of all kinds to focus on what they do best.

Washroom Solutions

Did you know that bacteria from 'sneeze efect' can last up to 24 hours?

Protect Your Business

Cross contamination is harmful and invisible. It is present anywhere.

Meeting the Needs of the Modern Women

It is essential to ensure quality feminine hygiene standards while maintaining the aesthetics and the environment.

Positive Impression for Your Business

A pleasantly and freshly scented environment can help enhance the experience and impression.

Why Calmic

A visibly clean washroom may not necessarily mean a hygienic washroom.


Calmic in Indonesia

Calmic are market leaders in the provision of excellent and professional hygiene services in the washroom and the workplace. Our comprehensive range of hygiene products and solutions ensures the highest standards of protection, hygiene and comfort in every organisation. Read on to find out how we could help in keeping your washrooms and facilities looking good and staying hygienic.

How can we help you?

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Washroom Hygiene

Our washroom services are designed to keep your washrooms looking good, staying clean and minimising health risks.

Medix Air

Air Sterilization Solutions

Calmic offers you a host of different solutions to help you purify and keep your air clean.


Floorcare Solutions

In addition to safety and convenience, Calmic mats can also be designed specially to enhance your company’s brand image. Regularly maintained by us to ensure that your floors stay clean and safe.

Premium Scenting

Scenting Solution

Our Scenting solutions are provided to enhance a pleasant and warm welcoming experience in your environment.

Toilet Seat Cleane

Toilet & Urinal Hygiene Solution

Cleaning toilet seat with a Toilet Seat Cleaner can help protect you from illness and risk of bacteria contamination.

Feminine Hygiene

Feminine Hygiene Solution

Signature range is designed with innovative, curvy, edgy, sleek and no touch technology to enhance hygiene standards in preventing the spread of germs.


Signature Colors Range Launch

Signature Colour Range newly launched in Indonesia! Find out how colour psychology creates an aesthetic impact in your business washroom hygiene.

Calmic Indonesia

How can we help you?

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